about me

Hi. My name is Gala Medina and I am a big friend of dogs and cats. Generally, I love animals. I have two lovely female kitties: Keysha and Shtuchka.

me and my cats

Keysha is 11 years old and looks like a famous Japanese lucky cat Maneki-Neko. She loves to bask in the sun and sleeps a lot. Shtuchka is a teen, she is 11 months and she looks like a Syberian cat, that’s why she got a Russian name. Shtuchka means little naughty thing. She was taken from a rescue center, after surviving from serious illness ( all her siblings died ). Shtuchka is very playful, naughty, and jumpy. And I am just in love with my adorable fluffy babies!

My best friend Lucia and I love going to the mountains, hiking and rock climbing. We do it every week. And we always take Lucia’s dog Lilo with us. Lilo is brave and funny. And she is the best companion in the mountains.

my dog

My blog is an Amazon referral partner. But it helps me to keep blogging about my beloved pets. I’m also an Amazon customer myself, as I often buy new things on Amazon to spoil my kitties.

Hope you enjoy my blog and find useful information for you.

Gala Medina


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