Are African pygmy hedgehogs good pets?

African Pygmy Hedgehog

African pygmy hedgehogs have become very popular as pets in recent decades. African hedgehogs are a hybrid of two species of wild hedgehogs.

The hedgehogs of this breed are perfect pets. Keeping hedgehogs is inexpensive and they don’t need to be taken outside for a walk.
From the age of 15 days, the hedgehog can be taken in the arms, accustoming them to the owner. Do not be surprised if the hedgehog licks your hands, so he remembers your smell. Hedgehogs are friendly – they recognize and love their owner. However, the hedgehog is a nocturnal animal, and its active life begins when you go to bed.


How long do African pygmy hedgehogs live?
African hedgehogs, unlike wild hedgehogs, do not hibernate, so they must live in warmth, otherwise, they can die in cold temperatures. They also live much longer than wild ones, 8-10 years, some even 12 years.

What do you need for an African pygmy hedgehog?

1.  Hedgehog Hous

A large spacious cage or aviary. If you let your pet out for a walk around the apartment, only under your supervision. The hedgehog can get tangled in wires, crawl into a dark corner under a cupboard or run away altogether. Therefore, it is better to put him to live in a cage, on the floor of the cage pour wood or paper shavings.

2. Nutrition

What do hedgehogs eat? Dry food for kittens must be of the highest quality (super-premium class or holistic). Additionally, it is very important to feed insects: crickets, cockroaches, bugs, caterpillars, and worms. Also, hedgehogs eat lean meat (beef or chicken), finely chopped or as minced meat. hen and quail eggs can be given both raw and boiled. It is strictly forbidden to give milk and dairy products to hedgehogs.

3. Temperature

Keep the temperature warm (25-27 degrees Celsius). It is very important your hedgehog never gets cold.

4. Hedgehog Wheel

The hedgehog is an active animal in the wild. It spends a lot of time on the move, exploring the area or looking for food. To keep your little friend from gaining too much weight in the absence of the need to hunt, get him a running wheel, where he will spend extra energy. To make sure his nighttime exercise doesn’t disturb your sleep, look into a silent running wheel for hounds.

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