Best Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews 2021

 5 Best Automatic Cat Feeders 

Along with our busy life schedules that have become more jam-packed, our beloved pet sometimes has to live with our ignorance. However, that is not how it supposed to be. Ever heard about a cat automatic feeder? This amazing tool can really help out to feed your lovely cat whenever it’s hungry. This will give great ease especially when you are away from home for a few days or longer, and want to make sure your pet is getting fresh food every day while you are not there. Moreover, during your office timing, when your cat is going to stay home alone, this automatic tool can leave you to rest assured that your pet will be regularly fed. Getting excited to get one? Here is the best automatic cat feeder review to help you out choosing the best one that meets your pet’s needs.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Automatic Cat Feeder 

There are hundreds of automatic pet feeder brands that will make you confused when choosing the best one. However, you should not get in rushed in deciding to buy one. Instead, there are some essential things to consider when it comes to choosing the best one for your beloved pet.

  • Price

During your searching, you would find various high-priced automatic cat feeders that promising many benefits. However, do note that expensive price should also come with premium quality. Plus, also consider about will the feeder you choose will be suitable for your cat or not.

  • Functions

You would be spoiled by various high-tech cat feeders, some even have a camera that enables you to you see the feeder feeding your cat. Make sure you would be comfortable enough with the features and functions before you would finally purchase one.

  • Dimensions

Remember also to see how much food it can actually hold. The main benefit of automatic cat feeders is that they will give you great ease to feed your pet, However, if you need to fill it up every day, it obviously makes having one to be pointless. Plus, if you have more than one cat, then you would want to choose a feeder with a bigger food storage capacity.

  • Pet-proof

Make sure that the feeder you would buy is pet-proof to prevent your cute kitty messed up with it.

Top Automatic Cat Feeders 

To make you easier in choosing the most suitable one, here are the best automatic cat feeders in the market, along with reviews.WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

1.WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser automatic cat feeder

Wopet Automatic Pet Feeder is sturdily fabricated with outstanding features. The gadget can be removed anywhere for easy cleaning. This tool combined a digital clock along with a mechanical drive system that releases dry food ready for four preset times every day. More than just making sure that your pets alive, this dispenser is also exclusively designed with a number of healthy dieting functionality. Thus, this one will be great for providing food for your beloved pet at a healthy interval regularly, which can assist as a kind of dieting machinery for overweight pets.

One cool feature of this feeder is how its top-lock design will prevent the food from getting collided across your floor, even if the machine is occasionally rolled over. Some pets who are getting too excited to get their food are unlikely to slope over the dispenser due to the weight is distributed. However, if it does unintendedly fall down, you would not have to worry about getting a mess on your hands. Better yet, this one is also quite handy for feeding your pet while you’re not around with its higher food capacity which is bigger than average.
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 2. Automatic Cat Feeder, Roffie Pet Dispenser automatic cat feeder

Roffie pet feeder comes with a huge 7 liter (29 cups) hopper. When the dispenser will be filled with pet food, it has the capability to last for a few days to a week, depending on how much your pet would eat daily. This is a great device for pet parents, especially the ones with a highly busy schedule or the one who always travel for days at a time. With this tool, you could only use dry food with a dimension between 0.2 and 0.6 inches, to make sure that food will be dispensed well without cramming inside the dispenser.

This device has straightforward programming, and you get much flexibility to set exact meal times along with portions. The hopper can hold up of dry food up to 29 cups. You could then program the timer on the device to make it dispense up to 4 meals daily. This dispenser enables you to set a specific time for each meal and the food quantity will be dispensed for every mealtime of your pet.

3. PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder automatic cat feeder

Petkit Automatic Cat Feeder is an innovative automatic feeder that easily to is programmed and controlled on your mobile with Petkit application. This feeder provides various unique features. One of them is a dispensing system that will make sure that there is no food that will get stuck inside it. This can be done with an oscillating bar, help from a spring check-board, and the silicone impeller internally that make this amazing device can dispense up to millions of feedings without any jam food inside. More than that, this smart pet feeder also will make sure the food to remain fresh with a desiccant box on the top that keeping it away from humidity or any mold formation to appear inside the hopper.
Even though Petkit feeder doesn’t include a webcam like other smart feeders at the same price, but this tool offers other benefits such as completely locked the food container, along with the automatic chute door that will open only when it’s dispensing the food.
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 4. Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder automatic cat feeder

Petlibro cat feeder is also included one of the programmed feeders to dispense food in the accurate time, and allow you to set it 1 to 4 meals daily, and serves up to 9 portions per meal for your cute kitty to have its healthy diet. In this manner, you would never need to stay awake or worry about your feline friend when you are not at home. Moreover, this feeder is well-designed to constantly provide adequate food for your beloved pet for a couple of days.

With the support of its 5V DC power adapter, you would no need to worry if you would miss a feeding. Plus, this device can run smoothly by using 3 alkaline D-cell batteries in case of a power shortage. One coolest feature of this feeder is a voice recorder that allows you to stay connected with your pet by calling the feeder before mealtime. Hence, it will increase the bond between you and your pet when the automatic feeder feeding it on a regular basis.

5. Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder 3L Pet Food Dispenser automatic cat feeder

Iseebiz feeder works best with dry food and ideal to be programmed up to 4 meals daily, depending on your preferred schedule to feed your beloved cat. This feeder allows you to choose the size of a person manually, according to your pet needs, right from 5 grams to 195 grams at one time. This gadget enables you to record your own voice message to call your cat for its mealtime.

This Iseebiz feeder will not display your pet’s meals in ounces or cups. Instead, it will only be showing the measurement which is ranging from 1 up to 39 portions. The first thing that you need to do when you buy this feeder is understanding the portions you want for your cat and program it into this feeder.

This feeder can be powered with batteries and plug at the same time, but be careful as you might cause the power loss when automatic switching to batteries.

Final Thoughts 

No matter which type of automatic cat feeder you would choose to buy, remember to consider your pet’s needs along with its diet concern.








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