Best Automatic Cat Toys 2021

Automatic Cat Toys Reviews. Don’t let your cat get bored when you’re not at home.

Cats are natural predators. As they play, they keep themselves in good hunting shape. If you are a loving cat parent, you probably spend some time playing with your furry friend.

And every responsible cat owner thought about how to keep the bouncy kitten or an adult but the active cat in a playful mood, while being at work or away on business.

Interactive cat toys are the best solution. There is now a large selection of automatic cat toys on the market for both kittens and adult cats. They come at all shapes, functions, and prices for every wallet. It will help your feline companion stay busy, chase, catch, play – train its hunting instincts. Electronic cat toys are safe and in most cases charge via USB. So let’s have a look at the list of Best Automatic Cat Toys.

YVE LIFE Cat Laser Toy Automatic, Interactive Toy

automatic cat toys

The most popular interactive cat toy is a teasing laser ray. This automatic cat toy can be placed high on a cupboard or shelf, so your furry friend can’t reach it. YVE LIFE Cat Laser Toy charges via USB, which saves your money and time. It is silent and doesn’t make any noise. It has 5 adjustable circling ranges: Suitable for all kinds of room to play for both kittens and adult cats. This electronic cat toy will keep your pet in a good shape by playing with lights. Cats could entertain themselves even when a pet parent is out. The toy can be pre-programmed so you don’t have to worry about constantly turning it on.



Interactive Robotic Cat Toys, Automatic Irregular USB Charging 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball

interactive cat toys

This automatic cat toy is great for training cats hunting skills. Your kitty will feel like a real wild cat trying to catch prey. Ralthy(name of the brand) interactive robotic cat toys is a 360 Degree self-rotating moving ball, with powerful 2 motors and large tires, it could almost run on all floors,  even on carpet.

Ralthy cat toy is a real relief for cat owners- the robot cat ball toys can last 3-4 hours working after full charge for 2 hours. Enough to keep your cat entertaining itself and relieve stress when you leave him or her home alone. The best of this device is that Ralthy automatic cat ball is in standby mode after working for 10 minutes, 1.5 hours later, it will work 10 minutes again. It is a built-in rechargeable battery and comes with a common USB port.  Moreover, this cat toy is not harmful to your kitty’s eyesight because it uses LED color-changing lamp. Ralthy interactive cat toys come with 3 sticks and (such a nice detail) a cat collar as a gift.



Interactive Cat Toys – Automatic Electric Rotating Butterfly & Ball Exercise Kitten Toy

electronic cat toy

This wonderful cat toy is a 2-in-1 package. It includes a “flying” butterfly that develops reactions (it’s pretty difficult to catch the butterfly) and rolling balls that curious kitties try to get out. You can be sure your naughty kitty will be very busy with this toy while you work. It’s very similar to the flight of a real butterfly, perfect for catching, chasing, grabbing. The toy is easy to assemble and made of scratch-resistant materials.

Minus of these automatic cat toys, that you need to buy batteries. Otherwise, wonderful, captivating attention of furry hunters toy.



WONDAY Floppy Fish Cat Toy 

wonday cat automatic toy fish

WONDAY Electric Fish Cat Toy – this is the most economical option, but no less interesting cat toy.Those cat lovers, who also have an aquarium with goldfish well know how kitty likes to watch the fish behind the glass. And often the cat tries to hunt them.
The Electric Fish Cat Toy is a real gift for your cat hunter. The fish looks very realistic (as if your naughty kitty just snatched it from the table).  It flips and moves, attracts cats to kick, bite or play, makes your cat excited. Floppy Fish Cat Toy charges via USB, and can be used for a long time after being fully charged. Fish Cat Toy is  made of high-quality plush fabric, which is soft and comfortable, safe and non-toxic, very suitable for cats to bite, kick, chew and sleep. Keep the cat’s small paws interacting with toys, will not harm the cat’s paws.

The interesting detail is that this Wonday toy is filled with organically grown catnip. As we ( cat lovers) know catnip makes the cat energetic and relieves the cat’s depression and stress. Moreover, catnip can promote intestinal peristalsis to improve digestion and keep pets healthy.

Tips from manufacture: ” important for timid and sensitive cats and kittens that we suggest that in the early stage, cat fish toy be turned off, which can effectively prevent cats from being frightened by the cat fish toy’s sudden jump. After it sinks into the fun of new floppy fish cat toy, you can try switching to the fish toy’s wagging mode, unlock more fun for your cat”.



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