Can Cats Have Allergies to Humans?


Can Cats Have Allergies to Humans?

Many people are allergic to animal hair, particularly cat hair. Have you ever met any cats with allergies? I have, but only domestic cats. I’ve never seen a wildcat with this disease.

My friend’s white, pretty cat’s name is Kacy. She loses a lot of hair every day. She’s always scratching her ears so that the tips of her ears turn red and her skin is itchy on her back. There are sometimes small wounds on her body.

Obviously. we took her to different vets for a checkup to find out if Kacy has allergies or cat dermatitis or some kind of cat skin disease. All the doctors say the same thing: cats have a very hard time identifying the cause of allergies – it can be food and fleas or indoor plants. An allergy test isn’t going to do much good. There is a vaccine, but it is very expensive and there is only a 50 percent chance that it will help. The only treatment is cortisol injection only once a month (as there are side effects) or low-dose cortisol tablets daily for 3 weeks. When I asked how can I soothe my cat’s itchy skin, our vet gave us cream with antibiotics. And we must find the best food for cats with allergies.

Also, white cats are sensitive to sunlight and can get burnt if they are in the sun for a long time. And Kасу really likes to lie down in the sun.

        What if she’s allergic to people?

Pets living with us are becoming more and more human. They have human diseases such as allergies, cancer, liver disease, and even AIDS. When I lived in South Africa, the local vets convinced me that there was cat AIDS.

If we- humans can be allergic to cats, why can’t cats be allergic to us?

Let’s imagine all kinds of people what can cause our fluffy friends allergies …

cat allergies

You are welcome to continue the list yourself. I am sure you can find many examples.

While we blame feed, fleas and plants, the cause of allergies probably lies elsewhere. Maybe veterinarians should pay attention to our theory.

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