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We adore our feline friends, our stoic and furry companions that stay by our side and offer comfort in all situations. If you are anything like me though, one thing you don’t quite adore about these adorable furballs is the constant furniture scratching and clawing. From damaged leather to worked-up wood chairs, cats love to exercise their claws. It makes sense – these pets are natural predators. In their native habitat, they would be climbing trees and hunting prey.

It helps to know how to stop cats from scratching furniture so both you and your feline friend can be happy and fulfilled. Since this problem is not new, pet furniture engineers have worked for years to find a suitable solution: the wood cat tree furniture. Working to enable them to exercise their claws, the real wood cat tree emulates felines’ natural habitat. Serving as some of the best cat furniture around, these handy pieces come in various different shapes and sizes. Fitting in with the home decor, they are both stylish and facilitate better feline behavior. When it comes down to it, the best way to stop them from scratching furniture is to just get them furniture of their own – furniture that is literally designed to be scratched.

Best Cat Furniture Available: Leading Real Wood Cat Trees 

      1. Cat Tree Tower with a Kitten Condo ‘ Paper Covered Scratch Post Activity Center For Climbing Relaxing And PlayingCatry Wooden Cat Tree Condo

        When you are on the hunt for a wood cat tree, there are a few key things to keep your eye on in order to accommodate your feline friends’ needs. Consider your pets’ unique personalities and how they play into the actual nature of cats themselves. Just like people, cats have layered personalities. For every moment they spend cuddling with you (an inherently domesticated action), there is an equal count of them needing to embrace their wild essence. This means scratching. It also means hunting and climbing.


      A great way to address these issues is with this real wood cat tree. It has a pedestal for the cat to climb, but also holds a place at the base for them to curl up in comfort. With a distinct post covered by highly stretchable rope and a toy to keep the furball engaged, this is some of the best cat furniture around. It is relatively compact, meaning you can fit it into just about any room while still having all the bells and whistles you expect from a wood cat tree. Provided you only have a single cat, this is an ideal solution. It is perfectly sized for one cat to fully satiate their scratching urges.



The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

If your cats are anything like mine, they have some serious attitude. It is one of the top things that we all love about our feline friends; the balance of snobbery and comfort is truly unique to these pets. When there is more than one pet in the household, new traits come about that highlight their origins as wild animals on the hunt: the spirit of competition. Two or more cats put together works to enhance the primal urges that cause scratching and clawing. This makes you wonder, more than ever, how to get cats to stop scratching furniture, and the answer is simple. This wood cat tree offers enough space for all your cats to embrace their wild desires for climbing and scratching. Horizontally compact, this tall unit offers a quiet nook at the base and a distinct pedestal at the top. Everywhere in between is made of real wood, giving cats that satisfaction of clawing at something that feels like the trees of nature.  With deep colors and smooth design features, this unit fits in well with any set of decor so that you can just as easily place it in your living room as your bedroom. Balancing pet-friendly benefits with the virtues of aesthetics, this is some of the best cat furniture around.




Vesper Cat Furniture

Vesper Cat Trees

If you are the type that favors sleek likes and utter pragmatism, this is an ideal option. Built sturdy and designed to withstand even the most aggressive furniture scratching feline friends. Since one of the most important components of these furniture units is for them to be an actual real wood cat tree, this is an awesome solution. The wood reminds them (whether consciously or subconsciously) of their predator origins in the wilderness. It also has the benefit of mimicking the furniture often found around the house which cats love to scratch so very much. The top reason that this unit has become a fan favorite and is touted as some of the best cat furniture, is the clever design. Through multiple different scratching posts, outfitted with sturdy cord and bases that are covered with memory foam, it gives multiple different opportunities to satisfy those scratching needs. Fitting multiple cats at the same time, there is a box for hiding, a pedestal for laying, and a sturdy base to ensure the safety of both the cats and their surroundings – what could be better?




AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform, Scratching Posts, X-Large size

Amazon Basics Cat Tree with Platform, Scratching Posts, X-Large Size

When you seek to learn how to stop your cat from scratching furniture, the first thing you should investigate is what kind of furniture they are scratching. Do your feline friends seem to gravitate towards the wooden chairs in your kitchen? Are they drawn to the upholstery on your couch and cozy chairs? Maybe they want to go straight for the carpet as a way to relieve built-up tension in their claws. If it’s the latter, then this is easily the best cat furniture around. This real wood cat tree uses a foundation of sturdy wood but covers the exterior in an alluring carpet material. Enabling the cat to scratch each and every part of the unit, this is an ideal solution to balance comfort with functionality. Giving the cat a way to climb with an adorable ladder and offering some much-deserved relaxation via the two pedestals, this is an awesome solution for demanding kitties and cats alike. Brought together on a firm base, the piece is both safe and well-balanced.




Armarkat Classic Model A5201 Cat Tree

Armarkat Cat Tree

One of the top virtues of natural habitats (like the wilderness from whence our feline friends originate) is that it is inherently simple and straightforward. From the honesty of swaying trees to the visceral reality of predator animals like cats, the natural world gears towards honesty. This real wood cat tree is a great approach to bring this straightforwardness into your home. With simple lines and sleek platforms, the unit stands tall and enables the cat to climb and chase after the hanging toy. Every component that tethers the unit together is covered with material designed to be scratched. Since so much of the piece is oriented towards comfort with a nook meant for relaxation, the cat quickly identifies the unit as its own and begins scratching away in peace.


Some Final Notes

Essentially, when you want to know how to get cats to stop scratching furniture, the answer is as simple as can be: you don’t. The best way to address the issue is simply to get your feline friends their own furniture so that they can scratch away. Embrace their predator nature and instincts instead of fighting them – it will leave you with the best results.

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