The Biggest Rabbit Breed

 6 Biggest Bunny in the World

Today there are more than 90 breeds of rabbits – from small decorative ones weighing a little more than 1 lb to large ones weighing more than 17-22 lbs. It is the largest that is becoming increasingly popular among breeders. Of course, because of their size, the biggest rabbits require special conditions of detention, but at the same time, they are hardier and gain good weight. Giant rabbits are represented by about 10 different breeds.

Flemish Rabbit

One of the largest breeds of rabbits is considered the breed Flemish Rabbit. The breed is also called Riesen or Flander. This not only the most famous breed on the planet, but it’s also among the oldest. The average representative of the breed of the giants grows to a meter in length. Most often, his body varies from 65 to 75 centimeters. The ears are also long, they reach 18 centimeters. On average, the weight of such a rabbit can be from 13 to 17 lbs, although there are much heavier specimens. Rabbits of this particular breed fell into the Guinness Book of Records in three categories at once – as the thickest, longest and heaviest. Flander is a very large breed of rabbits. Often they live with people, being pets. Flanders are smart, get along with children, and love caring. The main thing is to provide this large rabbit with enough space for life. Accordingly, due to the large bodyweight, a larger amount of food will be needed for a large rabbit. Female rabbits are highly fertile and bring offspring an average of 7-9 kit. True, there are drawbacks: late ripeness(the rabbit is ready for mating only at the age of 5-6 months).

Gray Giant Rabbit

The Gray Giant breed was created by crossing outbred with representatives with Flanders breed. As a result, breeders have obtained a new breed that combines a large mass and size that they got from Flanders as well as good resistance and adaptability to local climatic conditions. The weight of Gray Giant is from 8 to 16.5 lbs with a body length of about 66 cm. Rabbits of this breed are distinguished by good fertility, and on average 7-10 kits are brought in one offspring. The color is mainly gray hare, although individuals of dark gray, ferruginous gray, white and black colors are found.

White Giant Rabbit

 Rabbits of this breed quickly gain weight from a young age. The weight of an adult animal on average reaches from 11 to 13-17 lbs, the body length about 60 cm. Rabbits are well adapted to our climatic conditions, have high vitality and excellent fecundity. A female rabbit can bring 8-10 babies. Babies are born large, up to 1.9 lbs, grow quickly. By three months their weight reaches 4.4 lbs. White Giant is typical albinos. The color of the fur is exclusively white, without intersperses.

Giant Papillon

Giant Papillon or Spotted Giant Rabbit is distinguished by its interesting coloring. On a white background dark symmetrical spots, resembling the wings of a butterfly. Adult rabbit’s weight is about 17 lbs at eight-nine months. Usually, have up to 8 kits. The Spotted Giant is short-tempered and pugnacious.

Giant Angora Rabbit

Giant Angora rabbits are the largest representative of the Angora breed of rabbits, weight is from 6.5 to 12 lbs. This huge bunny is distinguished by its calm, kind, and peaceful character. It is because of these qualities that Angora Giant rabbits most often become pets. In addition, with their interesting appearance, they delight not only children but also adults. Their furry look is very attractive and amusing, they are like fluffy lumps and are about to roll.

Giant Chinchilla

The weight of adult rabbits is about 11-13 lbs. They gain weight fast enough, they are not picky about food. Quickly adapt to local climatic conditions.

Of course, these are not all giants among rabbit breeds, but these are the main breeds of interest to rabbits breeders. All these gigantic ones have one drawback-the the large size of the animals will require large cages and special conditions of detention.

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