How the character of a Maltese dog can change in unfamiliar conditions

The transformation of a cute indoor dog into a real fearless adventurer

The Maltese lovers know that this breed is very aristocratic, delicate, pampered, glamorous, loving attention, and attached to people. I used to have a female Maltese, her name was Paty. She was very sweet, emotional, following me everywhere, sleeping with me, watching TV with me, sitting on my lap all the time. Every time I left home for work, there was a drama of separation. When in my beloved Paty’s opinion I wasn’t paying enough attention to her, she used to turn into a Drama Queen – shaking her whole body and looking at me with a miserable face, Paty wouldn’t finish the show until I held her in my arms.

My sensitive Maltese girl really didn’t like long walks and was sometimes very unfriendly with other dogs, even if they were much bigger than her. Paty was a real fragile delicate indoor companion doggy.


Anna and Spitak

One of my best friends Anna has a male Maltese. His name is Spitak, which in Armenian means White. Anna and I used to live in the middle of a big busy city, where you rarely see a tree or any plants. Spitak was a city dweller who did not take long walks, did not know the smells of wildlife, and was afraid of water. He was just like my Paty, the shadow of Anna, jealous of all the other dogs, and would throw a tantrum when she was leaving the house to go to work.

Three years ago Anna and I decided to move to live on the beautiful island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea. Amazing white sand beaches and turquoise waters, pine forests and rocky mountains, a calm relaxed lifestyle – it’s all about Mallorca.

Anna now lives in a house with a large orchard in a small village in the north of the island. We often meet and hike in the mountains, do some easy rock climbing, go to the beaches and enjoy paddleboarding.


The adventurer was born

Since then the character of Anna’s sweet Maltese boy has changed greatly. Spitak has matured and became a real adventurer. He is a strong and brave dog now. He loves long walks in the mountains, became very social. Spitak doesn’t fight with dogs he meets but gets to know them and even plays with them. Often we meet wild goats when we do rock climbing and our brave boy always defends us ( apparently, according to Spivak, goats are dangerous animals that can attack us).

Gala and Spitak

After moving from a big city, at first, Spitak seemed distraught by so many new and unfamiliar smells – smells of hundreds of different trees, plants, flowers, rocks, shells, birds, street cats, goats, lizards, etc… But now he’s settled in and feels pretty confident among the rural life. He really loves it! Even Spitak’s gait has changed! Brave Maltese doggy jumps from rock to rock, climbs up steep slopes and run forward with such confidence as he was not a Maltese but a huge Mastiff!

You should see him in Anna’s house with the orchard. He no longer follows Anna like a toddler follows his mother. Spitak runs around the orchard, checking to see if everything is ok and if any feral cats have gotten in his kingdom. After each check, the “master of the house” ( so he looks now as a master of the house) lies down at his observation point where he can monitor his territory.

This is no longer a delicate and sensitive indoor baby who depends on his master, but a brave, fearless dog and an adventurer ready for challenges.

And what is Spitak’s biggest challenge?


The biggest challenge of Spitak

The most incredible change in the temper of Spitak occurred last summer. We were on a long beach in the northern part of the island. It was a very hot afternoon. We were swimming not far from the shore. Spitak was running along the shore as usual, anxious and worried for us. Suddenly he stepped into the water and swam towards us! And that happened after so many years of being afraid of water! It was such a joyful and happy day for us and for him. Spitak has been swimming in the sea ever since. And just a month later he stood up on the paddleboard. Now Anna always takes him with her when she does paddle boarding. Spitak seats quietly on the board enjoying sailing on the sea.

Anna is very proud of the achievement of her courageous and cheerful Maltese doggy.



The story of Spitak proves that often cliches and stereotypes about the temper of certain dog breeds are wrong. And even a delicate sensitive Maltese dog can under the right conditions became a fearless adventurer.







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