Russian Cat Names

top 20 most popular Russian  names for cats

For those who find it difficult to define a name for a kitten and at the same time want to name their pet originally, we suggest searching among the traditional cat names of other cultures. For example, let’s have a look at cute Russian names.

 10  Russian female cat names:cat

1. Murka – from the sound of “mur”, when a cat purrs
2. Frosia – a tender short name from the female Euphrosinia
3. Laska – means that the cat has an affectionate character
4. Kisa is a gentle word for “koshka” – means “cat” in Russian
5. Masya- small, tiny
6. Musya- even more sweet name from Murka
7. Risya -is a tender name for cats with lynx coloring, “ris” means lynx
8. Busya – from the word “businka”- bead
9. Bonya
10. Bagira – usually black cats, like a panther in the fairy tale of Mowgli

 10 Russian male cat names:male cat

1. Barsik- is a short tender name from the name of a wild cat “bars”, as in the old days it was called a leopard.
2. Murzik-male version of the name Murka
3. Pushok – usually this name is given to very fluffy kittens. from word “puh” means fluff
4. Rizjik- is a name for ginger cats only.
5. Persik-this word is a shortened tender name for cats of Persian breed, as well as it can be translated as “peach”
6. Snezjok-for white and fluffy kitten, from the word “snеg”, which means snow
7. Shustrik- very fast and playful kitty cat
8. Kuzya – old funny Russian name from the male name Kuzma
9. Markiz – translates as a marquis, usually for noble-looking lazy cats
10. Katafey- the name of the cat-hero of Russian folk tales

Advice about a name for the kitten

Many of us, having bought a kitten, face the task of choosing its name. It is not difficult for those who have a good fantasy. For example, my friend named his cat(female) K.A.C., which is the abbreviation “Kitten Alarm Clock “. The kitten liked to wake up my friend at 4 a.m., insistently hitting him in the face with her paw, for which she got this name.
But for others, finding an original name for a cat is a big problem.

The name for a kitten should be short and with hissing or growling sounds. Cats respond well to these sounds. A short name is well remembered and it is easier to call your pet names.
It would be ideal if the name matched the appearance and character of a fluffy friend.

If you still don’t like any cat names, look for popular cat names among Spanish, French, or Japanese.
Or, as my friend, encrypt the whole sentence with the habits of your kitten in his name.

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